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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I join the Merritt & District Chamber of Commerce? 

The purpose of the Merritt & District Chamber of Commerce is to help build and develop the local business community. Joining the Chamber is also an effective way to grow your network. 

How has the Chamber developed in the past few years?

In 2022, the Chamber has experienced a major revamp! From a new logo and new materials to this brand new website, as well as several new Board members and a full time staff, the Chamber is gearing up to break all new ground!

What are some projects the Chamber is working on?

This summer the Chamber is focusing on events! From major festivals like Bass Coast to local mainstays like our Show 'n' Shine, the Chamber will be present to advocate for and promote our local businesses - all while organizing the Summer Street Markets and other local events that the Chamber has become known for.

What is the Chamber's relationship with the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology?

The Merritt & District Chamber of Commerce have a partnership with the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology. The Chamber reaches out to businesses to inform them of student work opportunities and taps into the Nicola Valley Institute of Technology's student talent pipeline to help the city of Merritt's needs. This provides students with excellent work opportunities and businesses with an injection of energy and fresh ideas.

Who should I contact if I have any questions for the Chamber?

You can make use of our flexible Office Hours which run throughout the week, or send an email to

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