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Bass Coast, Rockin' River and our Membership

Summer is Merritt’s season of music festivals, and the Merritt Chamber of Commerce is committed to ensuring that our Members are positioned to take full advantage. With both Rockin' River and Bass Coast being Members of the Chamber, we are YOUR voice to the crowds from abroad and are confirmed for both events as a business info center.

If your business has special offers or promotions for the festival weekends, let us know and we’ll promote them at both festivals in person at the site and via social media the week of, free of charge as well as put you on our map of local businesses to direct festival-goers right to your door.

Not a Member?

There’s no time like the present! Sign up for our brand new 6-month Membership and reap the benefits immediately. For the price of a single ad in the newspaper, you get 4 days of full service promotion and an extra 5 months of Membership to boot.

Get your employees (and yourself) on an extended benefits plan through our Chamber Plan. Participate in the Fall season of Business After Business and Lunch n Learn, get 33% off your Quilchena Street Market registration fee for the festival Saturdays and so much more!

On the fence? Questions left unanswered?

Know exactly what you want promoted or need help with designing an ad?

Give us a call or drop an email, we’re here to help!

250-378-5634 or

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