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Corbett Lake Lodge

"A bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work."

"Fishing is a passion that can never be fully explained."

Corbett Lake Lodge has something for everyone, including your pets. Spend time on the lake in your small boat or on a floatie, enjoy times in the quiet of your own stillness or in the dining room surrounded by good food, good friends, and good drinks.

Book your special event, convention, business staff party, family reunion or wedding. The dining experience and fishing moments will forever be remembered in the photo album of your heart.

Corbett Lake Lodge Has The Best Fishing Stories

And as you can tell from these photos "the big one did not get away".

Many Animals Call Corbett Lake Lodge Home

You will want to have your camera ready at all times to capture these once in a lifetime kodak moments.

Dining In The Beautiful Wilderness

Corbett Lake Lodge is world known for the delicious meals and menu

One of the hidden gems of south-central British Columbia, Corbett Lake Lodge is a perfect destination for a fishing holiday, personal escape, family reunion, wedding and retreats of all kinds. Book your stay today!

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