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Shop Local Campaign
2022 Results

Thank You For A Fantastic Success with Shop Local!

Shop Local 2022 was the Merritt & District Chamber of Commerce's inaugural year hosting a Shop Local campaign for the city of Merritt. After the campaign was said and done, thousands of Merrittonians and visiting shoppers had entered the program by signing their receipts and dropping them at our drop off spots across the city. Hundreds of dollars of prizes were won and several Chamber businesses were given the opportunity to record a special Shop Local promotion video! In addition, through our partnership with Q101, over $10,000 in prizes beyond the Shop Local campaign were awarded.

The Merritt & District Chamber of Commerce wants to thank Chamber business members, our partners at Q101, and most of all, the prize winners, participants and shoppers that made Shop Local 2022 such a rousing success! Let's take a look at some statistics:

Across the full run of the Shop Local campaign, over two thousand and seven hundred entries were collected! The Chamber of Commerce met with multiple Chamber member businesses to set up drop off points for receipts as entries, and would like to thank all participating drop off businesses!

Across social media channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube, the Shop Local campaign racked up over eight thousand unique interactions - enticing shoppers from across the Nicola Valley and beyond to bring their commerce downtown and shop locally!

Counting overall engagements, nearly ten thousand views, likes, comments, and shares were logged for Shop Local 2022 campaign communications - thanks goes to everybody who helped promote or provided feedback on our first year running this vital program!

Lastly, the Merritt & District Chamber of Commerce purchased over $1,500 in gift cards and prizes from Chamber member businesses and awarded all of them to Shop Local campaign winners! Congratulations to anybody who won a Shop Local prize!

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